Not Sticking To It Too Closely

So I’m mostly sticking to my rules from the very first post. Doing my best to avoid the fake meats until tonight. I have exactly two fake bratwurst, a half a bag of fake chicken nuggets and a half pack of fake pepperoni in my sister’s freezer. I feel I must eat these so as not to be a waster. But after that, so done with the frankenfood.

My eyeballs must be getting old, because when I bought my bag of greens+ smoothie mix last week, I missed the part where it said it had whey protien in it. Been using a scoop of that every day. It was expensive shit and so again I feel inclined to use it all up. I like the concept of the green shake, so when this bag is done I will be looking for a completely vegan alternative.

Far as the shakes are going, tried something new today that didn’t turn out half bad. I mixed a scoop pf greens+ with about 2/3 a cup of ruby red grapefruit juice, 2/3 cup Bolthouse farms carrot juice and topped that off with enough mixed frozen tropical fruit to fill my 20 ounce blender cup to the brim. The grapefruit juice was very near the perfect antidote to the overpowering sweet of the stevia in the greens+. A bit more experimenting with volumes and I might have it licked. Smoothie system seems to be keeping me from snacking all day, I might be onto something with this.

Now if I could just wean myself off caffeine again I would be golden. Oh if only.