Stevia…. Now I Hate You Too

I used to think stevia was the best frickin idea I’d ever heard and couldn’t figure out why more companies didn’t abandon their artificial sweetners and replace them with the natural alternative. Well now I know why. More and more products are switching over to stevia and they are, although no longer artificial, possibly worse tasting than ever before. I’ve read that there are differences in the aftertaste of stevia based on what part of the leaf it is derived from and that Reb A is the highest quality part of the leaf…. try finding that actually identified on a list of ingredients on something. Oh well, at least it’s not poison like sucralose and aspartame.

Anyhoo, why the rant? I went and bought my baggie of Greens+ Smoothie mix this afternoon and as I always do, I try the flavor of the shake I have purchased with water first, just to judge how tolerable it is. And uh, wow, so over sweet with that stevia just covered your tongue with fur afterbite. My half cup smoothie then turned into a 20 ounce smoothie as I poured every form of fruit juice I could find in the fridge in the bottle and topped that with about a half cup of mixed frozen tropical fruit. It tastes passable now, not too gritty and my tongue is slightly less furry. This shake is going to serve as lunch today. I am so tired of hunting for vegan alternatives at my sister’s house that I’m almost ready to throw in the towel. I would too, except, I dunno, once I get started I get addicted to not eating bad food. I would kind of like to keep that addiction.

What else…. supper was interesting last night. Made the determination that we were going to have taco salad. I know I’ve read in more than one cookbook that there are veggie fillings you can make to replace the ground beef, but damned if I remembered a single one of em last night and damned if I had the ambition to look. So, I got a package of white mushrooms and pulverized them with a chef’s knife. Then I took to frying them in olive oil. Then I added chili pepper, cumin, corriander, salt, pepper and fried it for awhile. Then I decided, no that wasn’t fancy enough, so I added onion salt and a shallot. For awhile I stirred that. Then turned off the pan as I decided it was done. Then my sister was taking a long time finishing what she was cooking for supper, so I turned the pan back on and crushed two cloves of garlic into the mixture. For awhile I thought that was good, then I changed my mind and dumped some taco sauce in there. Well then that was too mushy so I said to meself “Hey self, let’s throw in the leftover Greek Salad from the night before.” and so I did that. Then I went “Oh shit, you can’t fry cucumbers!” But I did anyway. Oh yes, at some point I dumped some balsamic vinegar in there too. I think maybe the kitchen sink ended up there as well.

But, all turned out well and it was actually quite yummy. I feel safe in saying it will never, ever, ever be duplicated again.


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