So Much Is Not The Way It Was Intended To Be

I had visions in my head when I started this thing that I would be doing some experimental cooking and maybe sharing a few recipes on this blog. Well, that doesn’t seem to be working out because, well, who has time to cook?

This is my first time actually looking at this thing on an actual computer since I started it. Had no idea pictures loaded so horribly off my phone and for some reason, sideways? Quoi? I just don’t have time to deal with the technical details. Anyhoo, what did I do today of note?

I bought me a new toy. It’s an Oster My Blend. I just discovered this thing yesterday and I am in love already. Personal blender where the blending cup is a 20 ounce sports bottle. Hooray. I bought one yesterday and I took a huge fruit smoothie to work for breakfast this morning. I sipped on it for the first 4 hours of my workday and didn’t get the munchies once, even when faced with the saltiest bestest beef jerky ever sitting in my fridge tempting me to do evil.

Because I am largely a combination of lazy/time strapped/full of good ideas, I’m considering making my early day meals sort of a more drinky kind of thing. I am going to head out for a lil shop-a-thon later and see what I can find in the way of mixes for green smoothies. I really don’t care if stuff tastes like chalk or cut grass, so long as it’s good for me. We will see how this goes.


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