Here’s Where Not Being a Vegan Morally Poses a Problem

So I’ve gone all week mostly animal product free (excluding the gaseous potato leek soup of course) and I now find myself at “Football Friday.” Headed into Edmonton to the Eskimos game. This poses 2 problems. The first problem is that I will be at West Edmonton Mall all day and there are only 2 places in the entire mall where I can get a vegan meal and I’m tired of both of them. Subway, which, how many veggie delight subs can one eat in a week? And Freshi, which would be good except everything seems to taste like lemon grass for some reason. Hmmm.

What to eat at the mall is the lesser of the two problems, what to eat at the football game is the bigger challenge. Back when I was just toying with the idea of going back to this lifestyle I had a heart to heart with my sister at a game. The decision that was made was that, for the sake of brats and sauerkraut and all things holy (to me anyway), I could not be vegan during a football game. If I’m gonna break down and have a bratwurst is something I haven’t decided on yet. I mean, I feel like such a cheater but other than believing it’s not healthy, I have no problem with eating it, and I only actually go to 3 football games a year anyway.

Man, I know it’s not comparable, but I sorta feel like an alcoholic taking just one day off from being sober with the promise of returning to sobriety the next day. Problem in this case is the people around me who will think I am making life difficult for them by limiting my food options will say “Well you ate meat at the football game yesterday, what’s one more hamburger?” And then we will be back to a repeat of last Saturday night where I spent my late evening vomiting up cheeseburger, fries and beef jerky vowing never to eat it again.

Bah. Well, enjoy your weekend everyone. Off to cheer for the green and gold.


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