Job 1 – Diet 0

Work kicked my butt today. Survived on a bagel, baby carrots, sugar snap peas, hummus and Triscuits until lunchtime. My stomach was so unhappy today I’m not sure what I did to it.

I have an allergy to avacados that causes me intense stomach pain and cramping that feels like back spasms, followed by vomiting and generally 24 hours laying on the bathroom floor crying. Because of this reaction, I avoid avacados at all cost. Something I ate today gave me about 50% of those symptoms, the stomach pain and back spasm like cramps. Now I’m left to wonder if I’m developing a new allergy. Why couldn’t I be allergic to junk food? Seriously.

Anyway, my run didn’t happen because I failed to realize that this late in August it’s completely pitch black outside at 5:30am. Running in the dark for me, normally no big thing, running in the dark after my neighbor shot a cougar on his back deck and spotted another last week, whole different story. Although I missed my run, I didn’t waste my Vega Sport in Berry flavor. Contrary to the reviews, I did not find the Berry flavor to be disgusting and artificial. The worst part of the whole thing was the texture and the chalky taste. Maybe tomorrow if the weather stays un-rainy I will get to test it out post run.

Fell into the lazy again for supper. Broke out the Kimchi noodles. Strangely the less healthy the food was today the better I felt.

Second most epic fail of the day was lunch which was a very dried out PB&J sandwich.

Wow, I really have to start trying harder. I feel like if I just had a week off from work I could get organized and prepare and freeze some meals. I know, though, if I had a week off, what would happen would be yard work, finishing tiling the front entryway and going to pick up the two colts I bought 3 months ago and starting to halterbreak them. In the middle of that, I’m sure no less than 3 people would phone me with an emergency “Help I broke my computer!” call.

Overscheduled? Hell yes. How do I get this to work without a personal chef?


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