How Big Are Vegetables On Your Planet?

So. Tonight’s attempt was Roasted Mediterranean Vegetables with Rice Noodles. I managed to find everything in the recipe at No Frills without too much hunting. What I required was several large vegetables that were merely quartered and put in a roasting pan for 30 to 40 minutes. The recipe was supposed to serve 4. I guess that recipe yield only applies when using non mutant vegetables on roids. Following it to the letter, I filled my mother’s largest roasting pan absolutely over the brim. Now what to do with the leftovers.

This was also my first experience with eggplant and I’m pretty sure this one wasn’t top quality. Mushy and brownish inside can’t be right can it? My store bought white onions, of which I needed two, absolutely refused to cook to a tender state and very much ruined the texture of the whole thing.
I have soldiered through and cleaned my plate. I think I will skip the leftovers tomorrow and try something new. Without brown eggplant.

I discovered an acorn squash hiding amongst the random produce this afternoon. I’m not quite sure what that is or how to eat it, but I’ve seen it in this cookbook more than once. I think I just bought it because I couldn’t believe I found it. That’s an adventure for tomorrow.

Next up, toasted garlic hummus and tomato sandwich for breakfast.


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