Declared Lazy Day

Yes, lazy day already. While shopping yesterday I noticed some Vegan offerings in the frozen foods section I had not seen before. One is a quinoa and veggie dish, the other has rice. Tried to google these products to share with you but came up empty handed.

I was all pumped to try making gnochi out of my acorn squash I bought yesterday and pairing it with a mushroom soup made creamy with rice milk and cashews but then I got a text message from my mother telling me one of my brother’s best friends had passed away. So not really in the mood to cook tonight.

Today I’ve also started back with the calorie counting using the My Fitness Pal app on my Blackberry. This comes about sooner than planned because of a step on the scale this morning that confirmed I have gained back 4 pounds since the end of my vacation. I would blame meat and cheese but I think the blame can be shared by Coca Cola, coffee with sugar and eating entire tubs of hummus in one sitting. And we mustn’t forget the rum and the wine either.

I have been a very bad girl. No excuses.


2 responses to “Declared Lazy Day

  1. Although I’ve never tried frozen dishes with quiona, it is by far my favorite grain side dish (especially compared to rice). If you cook it from the dry from w/ vegetable broth and throw in some sauted vegetables (like red peppers, onions, and zuchinni) it can even be more of a main dish. I’m rather fond of it myself. I’m sorry to hear about your brother’s friend. Hope all goes well. Keep soildering on.

    • Thanks for the idea Ellie. I actually went with the frozen rice dish and it was surprisingly good and fresh looking. Weird. What I desperately need is a free day to prepare some things. I work far too late.
      Thanks for the concern with the loss of my brother’s friend. It’s a small town and everyone feels like family. He was a strange little dude who beat cancer but couldn’t beat what the cure for his cancer did to his heart. He went on his terms so I guess you gotta respect that and also the fact that he wouldn’t want a big show of grief.

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